6 Reasons to Take the Party Out for the Night

When it comes to parties, they’re actually a lot more fun if you head out on the town for the night.

Avoiding a huge mess, guest dissatisfaction, and all the prep work when you host yourself will also help you enjoy the festivities a lot more.

Think about it. Sure, it’s fun to have everyone over for a night of celebration but how much do you personally get to enjoy it?

Between making sure there’s enough food cooked and prepared, restocking the
fridge, and running around to scrape together stuff you weren’t expecting to need,  you don’t exactly get to have that much fun. It’s more work for you than it is play.  But that’s where we come in. Hosting a party with us takes care of that, and a lot more. Here’s why you should take the party out for the night and allow us to help you enjoy your time with friends.

1. Less mess

Let’s be real. The worst part about hosting a party at home is the mess that’s
left behind. It’s not like your friends are messy and have no respect for your
home but when they get to drinking and having a good time, messes just

And as much as you say you don’t mind cleaning it all up the next day, you do.
It’s a pain and valuable time is lost to cleaning up after people. That’s not
even to mention the stress you feel during the party when you see someone
knock over their glass – even though they made an attempt to clean it.
If you host elsewhere, that’s not a problem. We aim to keep the area clean
even while you’re enjoying the party. Having someone else 100% responsible
for the cleanup can help you unwind and enjoy time with your friends. Isn’t
that the point of a party, anyway?

2. No prep

The only thing you have to get ready for when taking the party to us is a good
time. If you decide to host at home, you really have to spend a lot of time
prepping drinks, food, and your house.

Do you really want to run around the week before a get together scrambling
for what to make, what drinks you’ll need, and putting everything together
just so your friends can destroy it all? No.

All of these things take a while to do. That time could be better spent doing
whatever else it is you like to do in your free time because we know
scrubbing down a kitchen only to clean it all over again the next day isn’t
your idea of fun.  The most you’ll have to do by hosting with us is put on clothes and enjoy yourself.

3. Higher quality everything

The food, the music, the drinks, the ambiance; they’re better if you host your
party elsewhere. More specifically, it’s much better if you host with us.
There’s really only so much you can do if you make food and buy drinks
when hosting a party at home. With us, your guests will be treated to only the
best beer, cheese, and charcuterie around. And who doesn’t like all of those

They’ll be satisfied with their food and drinks along with the service. You also
won’t have to worry about running out of refreshments for everyone, either.
Overall, taking the party out to us for a night can save you a ton of hassle
while also providing a higher quality of everything.

4. A better atmosphere

The atmosphere is everything. If it’s tense, stressed, or worst of all,
boring, your guests won’t have a good time. And neither will you.
We aim to keep things chill. Our atmosphere allows for both relaxed,
soothing evenings along with more fun and upbeat gatherings.

With a poor atmosphere, your party can’t thrive. Even with the right people,
the right beers, and the right food, the get together won’t be much of
anything without the proper ambiance. With us, it’ll be perfect.

5. You’ll have more fun

Truthfully, hosting parties at your own home can seem fun until it actually
happens. You’re so concerned with the mess and taking care of people that
you don’t actually get to enjoy their presence.

That’s just another reason to take the party elsewhere. You can be
responsible for organizing everything and getting people together, but that’s
where your duties can end. This way, the stress of planning the party is
almost nonexistent. And nowadays, all you need to do to get everyone
together is start a Facebook event.

Instead of stressing yourself out to the point of not even having fun at your
own party, let us do the work for you.

6. You can invite more people

Your house is only so big. Unless you have a mansion, inviting a ton of people
can make for one crammed, sweaty, and uncomfortable party. Taking the
festivities elsewhere allows you to invite a lot more people. And this also
means there will be less people annoyed with your for leaving them off the
invite list.

Not only does having a larger group of people make things more fun, but
even if you do have the room for tons of people, you don’t have the
manpower on your own to keep them fed and satisfied.

They don’t say, “the more, the merrier” for no reason. Make it a big get
together by hosting with us so you can up the fun without upping your

Hosting a party isn’t just about having it at your home and providing
consumable goods for your pals. It’s about creating the right atmosphere,
having the right food, and enjoying it yourself. Taking the party away from
your home and to Goed Zuur will help with that.

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