8 Reasons to Have a Weekend of Cheese and Charcuterie

8 Reasons to Have a Weekend of Cheese and Charcuterie

Apparently, some people out there actually need convincing to enjoy a weekend of cheese and charcuterie. Honestly, it baffles us, but here we are. Truth be told, some people just might not know they want a weekend of enjoying some of the tastiest foods around! They might be clueless because, well, they haven’t experienced the delights of cheese and charcuterie.

In this case, we can understand. Anyone else who might want to forgo a weekend of absolute deliciousness, you’ll be convinced otherwise shortly. Here are just a few of the many reasons to have a weekend of cheese, charcuterie, and let’s be real, fun.

  1. You deserve it

Working day after day can be a struggle. We get it. Working is hard and without a little reward after a long week, you’ll get rundown super fast. Not only is this bad for your mindset, but it can also impact your career negatively. You’ve been working your butt off! You deserve some good eats!

Therefore, a weekend of cheese and charcuterie is exactly what you need. You can unwind, treat yourself to some delicious food, and even wash it down with some sour beer to round out a perfect evening. You put in the work, now it’s time to put in the play. And by play…we mean eating copious amounts of good food.

  1. It’s good for your health

I know what you may be thinking. How are cheese and meat healthy? Well, they are! Cheese actually has a substance in it called butyrate that, when broken down, speeds up your metabolism. Therefore, by eating more cheese you’re burning more calories. And that means you’ll have even more room for charcuterie!

Aside from the actual physical benefits from the occasional binging of cheese and meats, you’ll also be mentally benefitted, too. You need a break! The rest from your day-to-day life will help you relax and start thinking clearly again.

  1. You’ll have fun

Who doesn’t love a great time? Adults don’t have nearly as much fun as we should these days. The cheese and charcuterie isn’t just for eating and then leaving. You come, you feast, you enjoy time with friends. It’s a great way to socialize, build relations ships, and just let loose. With all the responsibilities we have to deal with all the time, having some fun is necessary if you want to remain sane.

  1. You’ll rid yourself of stress

Oh stress. Our dear friend. Not necessarily a good friend, but a familiar one. It’s like that friend nobody likes but you can’t really get rid of permanently because they’ve been there since the beginning and so you just kind of deal with them and then ditch them whenever you get the chance. But I digress…

If you want to avoid stress like that type of friend, having a weekend of indulging and having fun with friends is the way to go. Not only does cheese release dopamine – yes, the feel-good hormone – but not having to deal with reality, if even just for a few hours, will help reduce your stress levels. We recommend regular destressing via cheese and charcuterie for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Throwing a wrench in your routine is great for you

Most people are creatures of habit, which is fine becomes routines are useful for so many things in life. But they can also make your life super boring if you never break away from the redundancy.

Sometimes you just need to break up your routine in order to feel like your life has some spontaneity to it. As the saying goes, “spontaneity is the spice of life.” If you want to keep things interesting and avoid falling into boring habits, take a weekend to enjoy some cheese and charcuterie.

  1. Trying something new is beneficial

There’s a reason your parents used to tell you to try new things, aside from drugs that is, is because going out and doing something new is actually super beneficial to your psyche. In addition to the awesome effects of dopamine via the cheese, going out and trying different types of cheese and charcuterie can actually help shape you more as a person. Maybe you’ll even meet someone new!


You’ll get to know yourself a little better, you’re being social, and all of that is just exciting. When you have something new to look forward to, your days seem a bit brighter. And when that thing involves unique cheeses and bacons and sausages, your days will be reminiscent of a mid-July sun.


  1. Bonding over cheese is the best kind of bonding

Bring your friends out and enjoy some food together. There really isn’t a much better way to grow closer with friends than over some great food. There are countless old proverbs and historic testimonials about bonding over food. Even the term “breaking bread” comes to mine! And who doesn’t love cheese and meat? They’re basically American staple foods. Getting to spend some quality time with friends will also help a number of other things in your life.


You’ll be a lot more relaxed, you’ll laugh often, and you’ll just be able to forget about some struggles you’re dealing with elsewhere. And when the food arrives, you’ll be able to lose yourself in some pretty incredible flavors. Being with friends and unwinding together is just another great reason to have a weekend of cheese and charcuterie.


  1. The atmosphere is always great

People enjoying cheese and charcuterie are happy people. Don’t you want to be surrounded by pure joy? Everyone in the surrounding area will be feeling stress-free and relaxed as can be. That means you’ll be in an environment that fosters a good time. You’ll be able to engage with other people and even do some networking that could potentially help your career and life in general.


You never know who you could meet while having a cheese and charcuterie weekend. But those you do meet will be happy, full, and definitely in a great mood. So if you want to be in a unique and enjoyable environment, going where there’s cheese and charcuterie is your best bet.

Do you really need much convincing that a weekend of cheese and charcuterie would be beneficial to you? Come on! There’s cheese. Regardless, these reasons to have such a great weekend are sound. W

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