8 Wild Benefits of Sour Beer, Cheese, and Charcuterie

8 Wild Benefits of Sour Beer, Cheese, and Charcuterie

There’s no denying it; we all love food and booze. And while each person has their own specific type of each they prefer, it’s hard to refuse some amazing sour beer, delicious cheese, and mouth-watering charcuterie because clearly, this is the best combination of food and drink.

Not only do these elements partner one another greatly, they also provide some surprising benefits – other than their favorable flavors. Check out some of these benefits of indulging in some sour beer, cheese, and charcuterie and try not to drool on your keyboards.

Benefits of sour beers

Why, yes, aside from a good ‘ol time, there are benefits to sipping on some sour beer. Here’s why you should head out and enjoy yourself some sour beers with good company.

  1. Stress relief

Having a great sour beer at the end of a long day just takes the stress away. You’ll ease into your glass and before you know it, you’ll hardly be thinking about that coworker who almost made you go insane or the fact that your significant other’s parents are coming to visit. Instead, you’ll be savoring the delicious flavors of the sour beer and contemplating which cheese or slice of meat you’d like to enjoy with it.

  1. Closer bonding to friends

Sure, you could down a sour beer alone and that would be just fine and dandy (our bartenders are happy to keep you company!). However, bringing along friends will make for a much more enjoyable evening. You’ll all be able to get different types, savor their flavors, and then switch to find your favorite.

You’ll also get slightly tipsy and share secrets and tell your friends how much you love them. What better bonding experience is there? Growing closer as friends also means you’ll have someone to bail you out of jail someday or even give you money when they win the lottery. The more friends you’re close to, the higher your chances of getting some money if they win! Clearly, taking them out for some sour beers is the right choice.

  1. Close bonding to strangers

Let’s not just stop at getting closer to friends. Let’s get closer to strangers, too! You never know who you’ll meet while drinking some beers. It’s great for networking, especially if you tend to be a shy person.

Get out there, down some sour liquid courage, and start talking. You can meet a lot of interesting people and since sour beer is a very specific acquired taste, you’ll have something to bond over right away.

Next thing you know you’ll be exchanging business cards and you’ll potentially be on your way to a new, higher paying job that obviously has cool employees since there’s one right there, drinking a sour beer with you. Really, it’s a no-brainer. Going out for a sour beer is the way to go.

  1. Stronger facial muscles

There’s no way you can get through a night of sipping on sour beers without leaving with some sore facial muscles. The smiles you’ll have to endure all night long from enjoying time with friends while downing our sour beers makes for one strong face. Not to mention the fact that the beer itself will leave you smiling with delight. 

Benefits of cheese and charcuterie

We can’t sit here and confidently deny the fact that you’ll get nothing out of a night of cheese and charcuterie. In fact, you’ll get a lot more than you pay for by sitting back and chowing down. Here are a few things you can expect to get out of these delicious items.

  1. You’ll be as full as ever

Nobody likes someone who’s hungry. They get all cranky and aren’t very fun to be around. Hangry is a real thing and if you end up that way, you could be a nuisance to all your friends. And you don’t want that because if they all get annoyed with you, who’s going to give you money when they win the lottery?

Cheese and charcuterie is firstly, delicious and secondly, filling! You’ll not only be able to feast on something mouth-watering, you’ll also get your fill and avoid being the cranky light-weight of the group.

  1. Happiness will be at the forefront of your emotions

How can you possibly be upset while eating cheese and meat. Please, if you can think of a way, let us know! And scientifically speaking, cheese actually does increase your happiness.

Because of this cool little amino acid called tyrosine, you’ll feel very content after eating it. Not to mention that the fats in cheese also release dopamine, the feel-good hormone, in the reward center of our brains.

See, even your brain is rewarding you for indulging in some cheese!

  1. You may even stay more lean

No, I’m not just yanking your chains, here. It’s true! Cheese is typically known for being quite fattening but there’s actually a chemical that can make you leaner. Butyrate is a substance in cheese that can actually boost your metabolism.

Certain cheeses contain it and, when eaten regularly, can help you stay a bit leaner. Or, since your metabolism is extra high while downing cheese, you can chow on some extra charcuterie guilt-free.

  1. You can put on some muscle mass, too

Now, if you’re looking to pack on some weight in muscle, then cheese and charcuterie is definitely the way to go. Obviously, cheese has a lot of protein and so does meat.

Going out for some sour beer, cheese, and charcuterie after a heavy day of lifting is sure to do you some good when it comes to putting on those muscles. But even if you’re not looking to bulk up, the added protein will only do good things for your body and the added assortment of meats will only do good things for your soul.

The next time someone in your group needs convincing to head out for a night of sour beer, cheese, and charcuterie, let them read all of these benefits of such a pleasant night, who would’ve thought there were so many! Or…you could just get a new friend. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life, anyways.

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