Chapter 2: Out of Rubble a Palace Appears

Projects of this magnitude have a tendency to mimic the flow of life. No matter how good of a job you do planning for it, there is always going to bumps in the road that will force you to slow up on your path. 

Our first surprise we encountered was the tearing down of the stucco on the outside of the building. No one knew what the condition of the brick was going to be. if it was completely trashed redoing the brick on the entire building would be a massive undertaking. What we found was something nobody expected. A classic Coca - Cola mural taking up the majority of the south side of the building was unveiled. There was only one option, we needed to restore it to its former glory. This bump in the road ended up being a ramp that put our project on the map with an article December 8th, 2015 on the Westword website. Hi Denver, we're here and we'll be open soon. 

Soon, was not so soon. Between obtaining licenses, inspections, and most notably the surprises a 100+ year old building can present things that took longer than expected. But with a strong, persistend, and crafty team we opened May 8th, 2017, just weeks before our true coming out party...

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