Westword's Top 50 Bars in Denver

Drink Here: The Fifty Denver Bars We Can't Live Without

Denver was founded over a barrel of whiskey, and ever since that momentous day in 1858, this city has celebrated its liquid assets — some made here, some simply poured here. The Mile High City is renowned across the country for its beer brewed with Rocky Mountain spring water as well as the outpourings of hundreds of craft breweries. Prize vintages are putting Colorado’s wineries on the map, and the distillery scene is booming, too, with local outfits bottling everything from whiskey and vodka to rare herbal liqueurs. There’s even a surging craft cider movement.

While many of these homegrown products are offered at Denver bars, our favorite watering holes serve up more than great beer, wine and spirits: True glass acts, they also provide great atmosphere. And so, as a companion to Eat Here, our compilation of the hundred restaurants that we can’t live without, we’re now decanting Drink Here, our list of the fifty bars that we can’t live without. They range from old-time dives to newfangled speakeasies, beer-and-a-shot saloons to luxe wine bars. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Goed Zuur
2801 Welton Street

Goed Zuur is either a life-altering experience of new flavors and beer styles or a tortuous dunking into an acidic bath, depending on your preferences. The name of this Five Points beer bar is Flemish for “good acid,” and everything sold on tap and in bottles comes in flavors tart and funky, sour and wild. Ten years ago, lambic, oud bruin, Berlinerweisse and saison were the esoteric territory of bearded beer hunters, but these days drinkers know their Brettanomyces from their lactobacillus. It’s sour times at Goed Zuur, and Denver is so much the better for it.


So read up and then drink up: Here are fifty bars for you to discover — or rediscover — and return to again and again.

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