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The palette of Denver's palate deepens and broadens today when Goed Zuur opens in Five Points, serving not just a vast spectrum of complex sour and wild ales, but a sophisticated range of small plates and unusual dishes.

Set inside a 120-year-old brick building with a carefully restored 1930s-era mural on the side, Goed Zuur, which means "good acid" in Dutch, boasts an interior look best described as Steampunk meets European chic. Long tables with elevated platforms for meat-and-cheese boards run along one side, while an artsy clock covers an entire wall on the other. In the middle is a copper-topped bar and custom draft tower made of industrial pipe, wood and lightbulbs.

But it's the menu that is going to change the game in Denver. Not only will Goed Zuur serve only sour and wild ales — becoming what is probably the first such bar in the nation — but it will pair those often polarizing, often exquisite niche beers with a complementary menu of charcuterie, hand selected cheeses and housemade bread.

On the food side, co-owner and chef Anthony Lopiccolo will prepare dishes like duck cassoulet and tonno di maiale, which is made with pork leg rather than the traditional tuna, and preserved and served in a jar of olive oil. Curated, upscale pairing menus like this aren't often found in Colorado beer bars.



Goed Zuur Food Menu

Goed Zuur Food Menu Continued